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The night of the Taranta in Salento

The night of the Taranta 201922ma edition Event symbol of the vitality of Salento is La Notte della Taranta, the largest popular music festival in Italy. Over 100.000 spectators invade the town of Melpignano every year, dancing to the sound of the tambourines that also infects rock stars and artists of very different musical genres called toRead More

Visit Saline Monaci and Torre Colimena

Saline Monaci, Saline del Salento and pink flamingos The Saline dei Monaci nature reserve is one of the most evocative and exciting places to visit in Salento. Separated by a strip of beach from the sea, surrounded by sand dunes and Mediterranean scrub, it welcomes in a breathtaking panorama a unique flora and fauna. ISRead More

Visit Otranto

The easternmost point of the boot, the city of the Martyrs, a jewel of Salento, a bridge between the West and the East, a territory full of Caribbean beaches, a place rich in history, art and culture. Otranto is all this and even more. A municipality of 5.600 inhabitants that in the summer sees its population multiplied by theRead More

Visit Lecce

A city called in so many ways, which has its frame in the Salento and of which it is the beating heart. Elegant and rich in history, of ancient buildings, of small courtyards, often referred to as Florence of the South or Athens of Apulia. The city has very ancient origins, the Roman Amphitheater, brought to light, is a concrete exampleRead More

Visit Nardò

The origins of Nardò date back to the VIII-III century BC when it was a center of the ancient Messapian civilization. The city took the name of Nerito (from the ancient Greek nar, meaning water), then under the Romans it became Neretum and was elected seaside resort because of the Emporium Naunia (which was near today's S. Maria al Bagno),Read More

Visit Galatina

Galatina, known as the "city of graces" Once upon a time, under the scorching sun, tobacco was gathered and the evil taranta threatened women in delirious hysteria that only dance could cure. In June the tarantati went on pilgrimage to the chapel of San Paolo in Galatina, they danced until dawn to be saved, forRead More