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Millennials, Gen Z and Baby Boomers

In the world of travel and hospitality we have become accustomed to looking at the habits and fashions of Millennials (kids born before 2000) who move with great ease and represent a large part of our customers.

Millennials have revolutionized the way people travel and are used to devote a large part of their budget to holidays while Gen Z represents the customers of tomorrow.

It is to them that adv, hotels, property managers and non-hotel operators look to discover their desires and expectations. However, never put our senior clients aside. They are the Baby Boomers. If Millennials include generations ranging from 1980 to around 1999 and Gen Z those born between the late 90s and 2010s, Baby Boomers are men and women born between 1946 and 1964.

Baby Boomers are:

  • people still working or recently retired
  • sometimes they occupy important positions or have held important positions
  • they have a high spending power, even when retired
  • they have often lived as savers and today they find themselves with money available, in a situation of serenity
  • precisely because sometimes already retired and free of small children, they have time to travel
  • they are still young enough to have authentic, active and memorable travel experiences

Traveling the world is one of their priorities, possibly with their loved ones and to still feel young.

Among Baby Boomers there is a greater interest in long journeys, comfortable accommodation, personalized services and shopping during your stay.

Favorite travel experiences for Baby Boomers are trekking, hiking, wine tasting, spa and massage and sports such as golf.

Furthermore, even the Baby Boomers, like the younger Millennials, are interested in immersing themselves in the local culture to discover traditions, typical cuisine and local history.

The relationship of Baby Boomers with technology is different than that of Millennials and Generation Z. They are not digital illiterates, as many believe. In fact, 55% of Baby Boomers consider the smartphone essential for traveling and use the internet to plan the trip; but compared to later generations, Baby Boomers are not addicted to technology. They use it to their advantage and greatly value human contact.

As for accommodation, they prefer boutique hotels. They are more likely to book the traditional hotel where you can find comfort, internal services, face to face communication.

However, non-hotel accommodation can attract them, as long as it is holiday homes and apartments, with external services, authentic experiences and exclusive suggestions.

The point is that hotels, B & Bs and non-hotel accommodation must look at the senior customer segment with great interest. In particular, they must offer high quality services, direct assistance and take care of the human side of communication.

Looking for the best

At the best quality / price ratio

In order to have excellent comfort, many of them are ready to spend on upgrade services and luxury travel, but let's not forget that Baby Boomers are born as a generation of savers, so if on the one hand they are willing to invest in luxury on the other. they are very careful in evaluating travel and accommodation proposals.