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Feast of the Municeddha

As every year, in Cannole, from 10 to 13 August is Festa:


This year is the 34ª edition of the probably most typical Salento festival, the most important in southern Italy dedicated to snails in gastronomy.

The event, which has grown progressively over the years, has become one of the most anticipated events of the summer.
Four evenings of true Salento marked by the voices, colors and rhythms of the pizzica that involves you in songs, dances and the desire to have fun.
Queen of the event: the municeddha, prepared sautéed, roasted and with sauce. Obviously, there are not only snails.
Two stages, 9 musical groups and all around stand for every different gastronomic specialty: sausages, bits of horse, grilled meat, wheat bread with anchovies and strong ricotta, rustic pizza, peppers in sauce, garlic aubergines with chilli and mint , peperonata, pittule, meatballs, fried potatoes, pasticciotti, spumoni, etc.
Of course there is always Dreher, the good local wine and Averna, the Sicilian bitter.
In the 4 days of celebration, Cannole in the province of Lecce is transformed, from a quiet rural village, into a very lively location of the event that has welcomed up to 70.000 people.
So, if you don't want to miss a truest moment of Salento, we are waiting for you in Cannole in the evenings from 10 to 13 August.
A unique and unmissable party.


One thing some people don't know about heliciculture and snails.

That of Cannole is considered the best and is called HELIX (cantareus) OPEN
Its meat is very delicate and tasty, a combination of quality that makes it highly sought after in gastronomy, especially when it is in the phase of operculature. Besides being a very tasty food, it plays an important role in folk medicine, thanks to the gland of albumin which makes it effective as a defense against indigestion. This power has been summarized in the saying "the more they eat and the better they are digested".
He said in the 1939 Marsel Roland said: Snail meat is food for the people, because only the people know how to create a feast of their own around it.
Cannole has truly honored her with a great party that represents a classic appointment of August Salento.
By now Cannole "city of the southern Italian snail" is investing more and more in heliciculture, on the spot there are various small and medium-sized farms