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The best hotel facilities for you


The best hotel facilities for you


Welcome To SouthSea

Holiday stays in Salento

SouthSea Tour Operator in Porto Cesareo a consolidated team with thirty years of activity and innate passion in welcoming tourists who choose Porto Cesareo and Salento.

Our passion has always been and still is today to satisfy a need and fulfill a dream, make you live a unique experience based on competence and trust, get excited and make you discover Porto Cesareo and Salento.

Trust us for a beach holiday or for stays in the Masseria in Salento!

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Latest holiday offers in Salento

See the holiday offers in Salento that SouthSea has reserved for you

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Don't worry, SouthSea offers customized packages that are always convenient

The structures we recommend

With SouthSea you choose our selected partners among villages, resorts, residences and hotels in Salento

In this splendid strip of Italy which is the Salento peninsula

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Hotel Information

What services do you offer?

Mainly SouthSea was born as a consulting and booking service for travel and holidays of the main tour operators

you see why choose SouthSea Tour Operator

If I book with you, do I pay a commission?

Le offers holidays in Salento of our selected facilities are exclusive SouthSea and do not require commission by the customer

Your cancellation policy ??

The cancellation of a package on offer may involve penalties depending on the case and the facilities. Check the conditions in the offer you are interested in. You always can contact customer service immediately

What are your references?

SouthSea is a new project, born from more than 30 years of hospitality, offered to thousands of families over the seasons. The sale of all inclusive vacation packages has been the flagship of the business for the past 25 years. Those who come to us then return. This makes us understand that our job is well done. Read why choose us

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